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My Story

As a boy, I used to sing in the Church choir, and the only instrument I learnt to play was the Recorder… but I never got very good at it.

So, as the years pass by, I started learning the Tin Whistle (also known as the Irish Flute). As most of the tunes I was learning to play could be played on both. I started to learn the Fiddle, (the Violin).

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My Approach

Some time ago. I desided to make these little videos, just for myself, as I wanted something to play along with, wanted to inprove my technique, timeing and rytham.
The main reason that I started to make my video play along tutorials. Was because I could not find what I was looking for on YouTube. There are lots of other tutorials out there for the Tin Whistle and Violin, and they are all good in their own way. But once I had made a few of them, I desided to set up a channel and share.
I hope you enjoy the same Music that I do… (if not feel free to make a request). Most of the videos are made from Midi audio tracks. but as I get good enough at each tune, I will replace the midi whistle or violin part with me playing the part so that you can see how I progress.

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Tin Whistle Tabs from CutiePie

Tin Whistle Tabs, Tips and Tutorials

Welcome to the home of easy Tin Whistle – the place where you can learn to play a variety of songs across a huge range of genres without any prior musical knowledge or experience! Here you’ll have access to tin whistle tabs and tutorials for everything from traditional Irish music, movie theme tunes and game music, to heavy metal, Disney favourites, folk music and much more – ALL FOR FREE.

I hope you enjoy every moment of it. Happy Whistling!